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Ram-based SUV on the way?

Ram-based SUV on the way?

Rumours are beginning to surface that Fiat Chrysler
Automobiles may be considering a new SUV model based on the Ram 1500.
Apparently, Sergio Marchionne told the press last week that the company was
considering the new model to take on the Chevy Suburban and would decide
whether to go forward or not by the end of the year.

Another large SUV entering the fray may seem a little
unnecessary, but the success of the RAM 1500 as a platform is undeniable. The
near monopoly that the Suburban has in its class is also undeniable so it’s no
surprise that FCA wants Ram to get a piece of that.

Plus, the factory move happening in 2018 should help. Ram
1500 production is moving to a much larger and more modern manufacturing plant
in Sterling Heights, Michigan. This could lend itself very well indeed to
expanding the product line.

Using an already successful platform such as the Ram 1500
and switching from truck to SUV would be an easy win for the company. Research,
design and development would be kept to a minimum, engineering would be
relatively simple and it could all be done in-house at Sterling Heights.

The Ram 1500 chassis and drivetrain is excellent and the
truck already has one of the best interiors going. It should be relatively
straightforward to bolt an SUV body onto the truck chassis, so could be an easy
money maker for FCA. Name it and price it right and we could have another
contender in the somewhat sparse large SUV market.

Despite pressures from the environmental body and the
challenge of meeting emissions standards, sales of large SUVs have been
relatively steady. Cheap gas helps too. In a country as vast and as wildly
inhospitable (at times) as Canada, SUVs and trucks will always have a place.

The go-anywhere ability of many models is too powerful a
draw for many buyers. The same is true for the sheer practicality of being able
to carry people, cargo or tow loads with the same vehicle. Achieve all that in
comfort, reliability and safety and you have the reasons we love SUVs. That is
unlikely to change for the foreseeable future.

A Ram 1500-based SUV sounds like a great idea. We love the
interiors of those trucks and so do the owners. Add a good looking SUV body to
what is already a great package and there is a sure-fire hit right there. We
can’t wait!




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