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Ram 1500 'Built To Serve' edition making a return

Ram 1500 'Built To Serve' edition making a return

The US-oriented Ram 1500 'Built To Serve' edition, designed to honour their armed forces is making a comeback. The special edition comes in five different variants to match the five arms of the US armed forces and each offers a little something different.

While the whole over the top honouring the armed forces thing is a mainly American habit, the actual truck itself is very nice to look at. Unique colours, unique interior trim, technology and new wheels make these trucks stand out for all the right reasons.

“Ram truck owners, whether civilian or military, are familiar with the ‘Built to Serve’ adage as it’s something we strive to build into every truck and van we produce,” said Mike Koval, Head of Ram Brand, FCA – North America.

“Ram honors those who serve or have served in the United States with distinction and we continue to welcome volunteers to our Ram Nation volunteer efforts.”

Even though we are in Canada, the blue colour with black trim and unique black wheels definitely looks the part. Even if it has the stars and stripes on the back!

Ram 1500 'Built To Serve'

The five different variants include Gator and Diamond Black, Ceramic Gray and Patriot Blue, Anvil and Billet Silver, Tank and Flame Red, Bright White and Spitfire versions. Each armed service has two colour choices designed to complement the main colour themes used by each service.

The new versions will include Ceramic Gray and Patriot Blue colours with light blue interior trim and stitching. Even if you’re not bothered by the whole hoorah element of the trucks, the colours are very nice!

Each truck gets a US flag on the rear quarter, ‘Built to Serve’ Velcro trim elements for the cabin, unique wheels, black grille and light surround, black trim across the body, dual black exhausts and minor trim upgrades. Those Velcro patches can be switched for unit patches if that’s your thing.

These trucks also include of-road elements too, including all-terrain tires, electronic-locking rear axle, hill-descent control, front suspension skid plate, steering gear skid plate, fuel tank skid plate, transfer case skid plate, tow hooks and heavy-duty off-road-calibrated front and rear shock absorbers.

It’s a shame that Ram hasn’t done a Canadian version of the Ram 1500 'Built To Serve' edition. I think lots of us would be happy to show our support to those brave men and women willing to serve on the front line to protect our freedoms. However this is the next best thing.

There are other Ram trucks available with black trim instead of chrome but the combination of colour, black and contrasting stitching on the interior make these trucks stand out.

Learn more about the Ram 1500 'Built To Serve' edition at Unique Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, 915 Walkers Line, Burlington, ON L7N 3V8.

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