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Quick winter tire guide from Car Nation Canada

Quick winter tire guide from Car Nation Canada

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I’m sure you’re already fed up with the numerous adverts pushing winter tires and all the notifications to check them and get them ready for use. That’s why I’m keeping this brief. I don’t want to labour the point but the subject of winter tires is so important that I cannot ignore it altogether.

Winter in Canada has yet to arrive but if you have live through even a single cold spell here, you will already know that winter tires can be essential. Without making you wait any longer, here is our essential winter tire guide.

Get the right size for your car
Most manufacturers will recommend sizes and sometimes manufacturers of winter tires for your specific year and model of car. Work with this to make sure you get the right tool for the job. If you need help, bring your car to one of our dealerships and we can recommend a tire for you.

Replace in pairs or a set
If you’re checking winter tires in your garage and see that one needs replacing, never replace just that one. Always replace them in pairs or as an entire set if more than two are worn. You need as much stability as possible when winter comes and having different treads or tread depths at either side of your car is not going to help.

Buy cheap buy twice
Tires are the only part of your vehicle that should ever touch the road. They provide grip, steering and help braking as well as keep you safe. If there is one aspect of motoring worthy of investment it is tires. They can literally save your life. If you want to spend money on safety technology for your car, it doesn’t get more fundamental than good tires.

When to change into winter tires
There is not set time to change into your winter tires. Much depends how far north you are and the prevailing weather at the time. Usually, we recommend changing into winter tires when the temperature begins to drop into mid-single digits. As soon as you begin seeing 5-7 degrees C on the forecast for your area, you should consider putting winter tires onto your car.

If you’re not sure, check
It should be simple to check the overall condition of a winter tire. The rubber should still be supple, tread deep, there should be no cracks, splits or damage to a tire and it should be inflated to the correct pressure. If you’re not sure whether your tires are fit for purpose, put them in the trunk and bring them to us. We can assess and assure as necessary.

That’s it for our winter tire guide. It’s all common sense really. Change them before the snow hits and make sure they are in good condition to last the season before you change them. If you’re not sure, bring them to your nearest Car Nation Canada dealership and we can check them for you.

Stay safe out there!

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