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Questions to answer when selling a car

Questions to answer when selling a car

The best way to acquire knowledge on anything is by asking questions. A person with adequate knowledge will always win an argument. this also applies when pricing a vehicle.

It’s the same when you buy a car. You want to know you’re getting a good deal and you’re spending your money on the right vehicle.

As a seller, you need to be prepared for that.

Selling a used car can be very challenging because you have to prove to your customer that it is in a good condition.

One way a buyer will assess that is by asking questions like these:

Why are you selling the car?

This is the most important question because it helps you get more information about how your car was used and why you no longer want it.

Vehicles are valuable assets so they must be sold for tangible reasons. Your answer to this question can influence how successful the sale is.

How old is it?

Studies show that the value of most cars reduces after five years. This question is very vital because it helps you know how much it is worth.

Sellers use the vehicle's age and how a certain brand depreciates over time. you should do proper research before selling so you don’t make any mistakes.

How long have you owned it?

When you've owned something for a long time you know a lot about it, the same occurs with cars.

If you've been using a car for at least 5 years without any issues it means the car is durable.

Studies show that 50 per cent of people that sell their vehicles one year after buying them are not enjoying them.

However, there are exceptions so you need to do thorough research.

Is there any damage?

This is very vital because you cannot make much profit from a damaged car. Therefore, you should be prepared to be prepared for the following things:

  • Bodywork, paint job and car frame. Fix any scratches, dents and rust on exteriors to avoid any questions.
  • Windshield, lights, rearview and side view mirrors. You should check for any cracks on the windshield. Headlights that look foggy are bad news. You should also ensure the mirrors are functioning properly.
  • Wheels and tires. Wheels should have no dent. To avoid buying a new tire make sure they are in good shape.

The better the condition of the car, the fewer questions buyers will have.

Has the car been in any accidents?

Damages caused by accidents are difficult to fix. Whether it is a minor fender bender or a major accident, you should fix it before selling it.

Damaged cars don’t sell well. They also provoke questions about what happened, how far the damage has gone and why you haven’t fixed it.

What is the mileage?

The mileage of a vehicle is very important. If you buy a four-year-old car that has 41,000 miles on it, this means someone else will bear the burden of depreciation over the first years.

By being prepare to answer these questions when you sell your car, you have answers for most common questions you’ll be asked.

Be honest, be truthful but don’t volunteer information. It is buyer beware after all!

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