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How To Prevent Car Theft In Rockton

How To Prevent Car Theft In Rockton

An auto loan is a significant outgoing and something you’ll likely be paying for the next few years. As such, you are going to want to know how to prevent car theft as much as possible, which is what today’s blog post is all about.


Our Rockton auto loan team worked with our other teams to come up with some actionable ways to prevent car theft.


Keep it locked


It may sound strange, reminding people to lock their car but we see it all the time around where we are. Someone parks to get coffee or go to the store, leaving their car unlocked as they go.


It only takes a second for a thief to spot that you didn’t lock the car and either steal the contents or take the entire car.


If an insurer can prove you didn’t lock the car, they may not pay your insurance claim, meaning you’re paying your auto loan for nothing!


Don’t leave anything valuable on display


Thieves don’t just steal cars, they can also steal the contents. Leaving phones, laptops and other items on display just encourages them. Damage to your car is almost as annoying as having the car stolen so we should avoid it wherever possible.


If you do need to leave valuable items in your car, make sure they are out of sight. Keep them in the trunk, under the seat or in the glovebox out of the way.


Don’t keep your car keys near your door


Make sure your car keys are nowhere near your front or back door, or even visible through glass or a window. That’s like a red rag to a bull and will just encourage a thief to break in.


As car security becomes more sophisticated, criminals are increasingly trying to steal the keys so they can drive away. Having keys on display just encourages them.


Use a tracker on premium or desirable cars


If you have a particularly expensive or desirable car, consider investing in a tracker. They use GPS to alert a monitoring station so police and quickly locate and recover the car.


They aren’t fool proof and can be defeated with the right tools, but you’re eliminating 90% of criminals who won’t have the skill or expertise for that if you use one. Some insurance companies will offer discounts for vehicles with trackers.


Park in well lit areas


Try to park in well lit areas wherever possible. There’s a good reason shopping malls and other popular areas are well lit and it isn’t purely for insurance.


Criminals love the dark and it makes it easy for them to perform their nefarious deeds. Parking in the light will lower the risk of car theft. It won’t eliminate it completely but it should definitely help!


Following those simple tips should reduce the chances of having your car broken into or stolen by a significant margin, protecting your car and your auto loan!


If you need help or advice on anything to do with auto loans in Rockton, contact Car Nation Canada today, we can help!


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