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Preparing your vehicle for summer

Preparing your vehicle for summer


While not
as important as readying your car for winter, summer preparation does pay
dividends if you do it right. Giving your vehicle everything it needs to work
at its optimum is the best way to maximize efficiency and ensure it performs as
well as you expect.

Heat as
well as cold can take its toll on your car, so preparing it for the warm
weather is an investment in both time and money. A little preparation here
could save you big if temperatures soar or you use your car a lot during
summer. So here are the quick steps Car Nation Canada suggests taking to
prepare your vehicle for summer.


Give your
vehicle a visual inspection to look for corrosion caused by road salt. Check
tires and change from winter tires if you haven't already. Check tire pressures
too and inflate them to the manufacturer's recommended pressure.

Look for
large cracks or chips in the glass and make a note of them. If they grow over
the next few weeks, you will need to have them checked by a professional.

Also check
your wiper blades and check the water jet nozzles are clear of debris. You will
need both as it gets dry and dusty to make sure beforehand that they will work
when you need them to.

Under the hood

Check all
your fluids, including brake fluid, power steering fluid and wiper fluid. Check
your coolant to make sure it isn't cloudy and that the mix is right for summer
driving. Check your oil level and quality and visually check your oil filter.
If either need attention, schedule an oil change at your nearest Car Nation
Canada dealership.

Check the
engine bay for damage and leaks, check all hoses for cracks, holes or splits
and if you can, check your air filter for cleanliness. If it looks dirty,
change it or get it changed.

Air conditioning

It's always
worth testing your A/C before you're likely to need it rather than find out
it's not working when you need it most. Run the engine for a few minutes and
then run the A/C for a further few minutes. The air inside the car should cool
considerably. If it doesn't, you may need a recharge or you may have a leak.
Bring it to us if you have either.

Those are what
we would regard as the essential summer checklist. If you don't want to do it
yourself or are unsure of what to do, schedule a service at your nearest Car
Nation Canada location. We'd be happy to do it for you!

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