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Online loan applications or apply at the dealership

Online loan applications or apply at the dealership

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In a world where we seem to do everything online buying a car is still a personal experience. Some people like it while others aren’t so comfortable. Car Nation Canada works hard to ensure the car buying process is as easy as possible but it is still a manual process. What about car finance? Should you apply online before you arrive or let us handle it with you?

There are pros and cons to both methods.
Online loan applications are usually a straightforward case of filling in a form and submitting it. Some lenders can provide an instant response while others will take a day or two. It is a sterile process but doesn’t involve the discussion of your finances or sitting in a dealership for an hour or more.
The downside to online applications is that you’re usually allowing an algorithm to decide your loan for you. Once you fill in the form, it’s a case of waiting for the computer to say yes or no.
Dealership finance
Applying for car finance while at the dealership does take longer and will involve discussing your finances but there are benefits too. We can help you complete any forms and walk you through the process. We know how our lenders work and can increase your chances of being accepted by framing the application in the correct way.
We can also provide quotes on the specific vehicle which won’t always be possible online. We can quote on any extras, options and anything else you might like to add to your car. That’s not something you can do online either.
Finally, we are often in a position to discuss alternative finance or lenders where a web form won’t be able to do that.
Working with us does take time and will involve sitting at a desk for a little while but it’s a much more personal service than a web form. Working with us means a real person looks at your application instead of an algorithm and we can work out any issues there and then without days of delay and back and forth with emails and phone calls.
The bad old days of sitting around while we try to convince you to buy an overpriced car at exorbitant prices are long gone. Our dealers are friendly, personable and want to do right by all our customers. I would always suggest working with our staff to access finance, I think you would be surprised at the difference it makes working with a real person rather than a computer!
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