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Of all the colours in all the world, you choose black or white

Of all the colours in all the world, you choose black or white

There are
literally millions of car colours available throughout the world. Many are
interesting, some not so much, some have amazingly creative names, others just
sound silly. Regardless of all that, it seems car buyers are still electing to
buy monochrome.

to the
63rd annual Global Automotive Colour
Popularity Report
white is the most popular car colour, followed by black and then the other
colour choices. The report is produced by Axalta Coating Systems and has been
running for 63 years. The report studies worldwide buying trends and breaks
them down by geography to show automakers ands us journalists just what we are

to the report white has been the most popular car colour across the world for
years. Over 35% of all new vehicles sold across the globe are white with 24%
being solid white and 11% being pearl white. Black lags behind at 18% with 5%
being solid black and 13% being metallic or other effect.

behind are silver with 13%, gray with 10%, red with 7%, blue and brown at 6%.
Minor colours and mixes go down the line.

Car colour choices

have always known that colour choice is an important aspect of buying a car. It
is a widely held belief that our choice of colour says one of two things, what
we feel about ourselves or what we want to feel about ourselves. That’s
according to Chrysler anyway.

There are
lots of myths surrounding car colour, such as some colours cost more to insure,
certain colour cars are stolen more often or some colours are regarded as safer
than others. All couldn’t be further from the truth and there is no study
anywhere that supports any of these myths.

influences how happy you are with the car and has a certain influence over the
resale value of the car. That’s it. We know that men are more likely than women
to experiment or take a risk with car colour and we also know that men are more
likely to overlook a less than ideal car colour than women. Other than that,
colour choice is purely personal.

With a
potential palette of millions of colours, it’s a shame that more people aren’t
receptive to experimenting. Rich colours or custom colours don’t have to be
relegated to muscle cars or modified vehicles. It’s your chance to have a
little fun and make a personal statement about your ride.

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