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No summer break for FCA workers

No summer break for FCA workers


Looks like
the traditional summer holiday for FCA auto plants isn't going to happen this
year. A recent statement from the company says they are keeping eleven of their
factories running all through the summer to keep up with demand. Good news for
the company, not so good for staff.

The summer
break is traditionally when factories would perform a clean down, essential
maintenance, repairs and do any retooling necessary for new models, parts or
components. It is also used to allow employees time with their families when
the weather was good. 
The company
announced last week that four assembly plants, engine plants and transmission
shops would all stay open through the summer. Supporting plants for parts and
components would also stay open as long as necessary to supply these locations.

They are
the Jefferson North Assembly Plant in Detroit, Saltillo Van Assembly in Mexico,
the Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Toluca Assembly at Toluca, Mexico,
Kokomo Casting in Kokomo, Indiana, Kokomo Transmission at Kokomo, Indiana, Dundee
Engine Plant, Dundee, Mack Avenue Engine in Detroit, Saltillo Engine and Saltillo
South Engine, Saltillo Mexico and Trenton Engine Complex in Trenton.

manufactories build the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Durango, Ram ProMaster,
Jeep Wrangler and the Dodge Journey. They also make parts for a wide range of
other Fiat and Chrysler vehicles.

FCA cite
strong sales across the board for the increased demand. Since 2010, Chrysler,
then FCA, was seeing steady increases in sales. In fact, the automaker has
experienced growth for 61 straight months. The company has posted a 22%
increase in profit for Q1 2015 with Jeep sales up 20% and Chrysler general
sales up 26%.

So far, FCA
seem to be doing well. As of April 30 2015, the numbers were all going in the
right direction. Taken from FCA's earnings statement:

"FCA closed Q1 with net revenues of €26.4
billion, up 19% and adjusted EBIT at €800 million, up 22%. Net industrial debt
was €8.6 billion, up €0.9 billion.

Worldwide shipments were 1.1 million units, 2%
lower than Q1 2014, reflecting strong performance in NAFTA and weak market
conditions in LATAM. Jeep's positive performance continued with worldwide
shipments up 11% and sales up 22%.

Net revenues were up 19% to €26.4 billion (+4%
at constant exchange rates, or CER).

Adjusted EBIT was €800 million, up €145 million
from Q1 2014, with all segments except LATAM posting positive results. The
positive impact of foreign exchange translation was offset by negative impacts
at a transactional level.

Net profit was €92 million, up €265 million
compared to the net loss of €173 million in Q1 2014."

That's good
news for the auto industry and for FCA itself. Long may it continue!

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