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Nissan planning to let you drive with your brain

Nissan planning to let you drive with your brain

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With the industry seeming intent on taking away the pleasure of driving and putting it in the hands of a computer, it’s good to see automakers also have other plans. Nissan is also planning lots of autonomous technology for the coming years but is also planning a few more tricks too. Like their new B2V system that will allow you to control your car directly with your mind.

Nissan have invested heavily in what they call ‘B2V’ tech, or Brain to Vehicle. They are currently working on analyzing brain signals and isolating those that are used for vehicle control. Once identified, they plan to harness those signals and create the technology to interpret those signals directly into action.

As well as vehicle control, Nissan also thinks B2V tech could help comfort and the entire driving experience. If the tech can correctly detect when you’re not comfortable, it can adapt temperature, seating position or something else to make you more comfortable.

Here is an explainer video from Nissan:

Nissan B2V
I like the idea of controlling my car with my mind. It makes much more sense to me than autonomous driving. It would reduce reaction times, it would work regardless of any physical impairments and could enable people of all physical abilities to drive without having to depend on autonomous systems.

There would have to be significant safeguards against it being used while mentally impaired, such as overtired or inebriated. If Nissan techs can analyze brainwaves, I’m sure they can come up with some kind of lockout for if those brain patterns are not working a hundred percent.

This project is still in its infancy right now so is a long way off production. Scientists can already interpret very basic brainwaves as we have seen with patients with licked in syndrome or sever physical impairments.

Technology is already available which can perform basic functions while the user wears a special setup on their head. The Nissan B2V ambition may seem like science fiction but the foundations have already been laid.

For now, Nissan has an entire collection of cars that already look after your comfort and are nimble enough for city streets or highway miles. 

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