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Nissan Leaf with ProPilot

Nissan Leaf with ProPilot

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We know that Nissan are boosting battery range with the next Leaf but now they have announced there will be semi-autonomous driving technology in ProPilot.

The next generation Nissan Leaf is due to be revealed this fall, September to be exact. It is then expected to be at Collins Nissan by the end of this year. As well as a new look including new lighting, better range and improvements across the board, the Leaf will be introducing more autonomous technology.
ProPilot is a user-activated driving aid that can help maintain lane position, help acceleration and braking and even help with steering. It will be activated by pressing a button on the steering wheel and will help drivers with highway travel. Future releases of ProPilot will include multi-lane assistance and city driving.
Nissan have released a teaser image and a little about ProPilot, but not much more. The main image above shows what is supposed to be the new Leaf with ProPilot. On the left of the display you can see pilot activated and a green lane diagram. Presumably this is the lane keeping feature mentioned in the literature. 
Here is a video of ProPilot:

Anyone who has seen the Tesla Model S display will feel right at home as it looks remarkably similar. I’m guessing it uses a similar technology too. A forward looking camera that recognizes road markings and can keep the car centered on them. The Tesla can change lanes for you but this current ProPilot release isn’t yet capable of doing that.
The new Nissan Leaf has a lot to live up to. With other EVs breaking 200 mile range, the Leaf has to achieve at least that to remain competitive. We think the next generation will generate around the same power, 107 hp and 187 lb-ft of torque but will have different batteries to boost that range. Until Nissan decides to tell us something concrete, we really don’t know for sure.
In the meantime, the current Nissan Leaf has some very enticing offers on new models and Collins Nissan has discounts and very competitive pricing on certified used Leaf too. 

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