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Nissan creates new performance division

Nissan creates new performance division

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Nissan is creating a new performance division to expand Nismo model range. Nismo is the Japanese automaker’s in-house performance tuner that gave us the Nismo Juke, Nismo Sentra, Nismo 370Z, Nismo GT-R and other fast favourites. With Nissan’s desire to offer more of those type of cars, they need a new division.

Enter The Nismo Cars Business Department. The imaginatively named new department that will be run by Autech. Autech is part of the wider Nissan Group that currently adapts vehicles for disabled use and performance tunes other Nissan cars.

The intent is to speed up and widen production of Nismo vehicles. Just what models will get the treatment is unknown as yet but there is a lot of scope within the current model range. Nismo Micra anyone?

2016 Nismo Juke
The 2016 Nismo Juke is a subcompact car with a sporty edge. The appearance isn’t for everyone but once you get used to the design it is a nice car to look at. It certainly stands out from the crowd anyway!

The design is bold, with a strong front end, bulging headlights, curved hood and moulded bumper with large round light recesses. Bold wheel arches and wing shaping gives the front view quite a strong appearance and offers a lot of interest for the eye. Down the side, every panel has detailing of one kind or another while the roofline starts high at the front and slides down towards the rear.

On the inside, the motorcycle-like instrument panel looks great. The seating position is quite elevated so offers great visibility all round. The seats are comfortable and hold you tight. It isn’t the largest cabin in the world but this is a subcompact. The rear seats can seat two adults or three children with room enough in the back for shopping.

The 2016 Nismo Juke uses a turbocharged 1.6-litre four cylinder in all versions but is tweaked in the Nismo and Nismo RS. Output is 211 hp and 184 lb-ft of torque in AWD or 215 hp in FWD. It uses the Nissan CVT transmission in AWD and a six speed manual transmission in FWD. No mixing of the two is possible.

With a tight chassis, refined suspension and a perky engine, driving the 2016 Nismo Juke is great fun. It has power, cornering ability and a stability that inspires confidence. All wrapped up in an eye catching package.

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