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Nissan adding push-button parking to new Leaf

Nissan adding push-button parking to new Leaf

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We have been covering the new Nissan quite a bit over the past couple of weeks. The Japanese automaker seems to have been drip feeding us information on the new Leaf regularly rather than in one big announcement. They dropped another two titbits recently, the inclusion of push-button parking and the release date for the new car.

Both pieces of news increases our interest in the next generation Leaf and we are looking forward to finally seeing it in the flesh soon.
Nissan Leaf push-button parking
The last time I wrote about the Leaf, I talked about ProPilot, the new autonomous feature that will help with lane keeping. Nissan have just announced that ProPilot will also include push-button parking called ProPilot Park. It won’t be available at release in North America but is will be shortly after.
The system is said to be able to navigate the Leaf into difficult spaces with ease. All at the push of a button. It will be capable of parallel parking, angled spaces, reverse-in spaces and other common scenarios.
They have released a video explaining how it works.

The system looks quite intriguing and is definitely one of the more practical elements of autonomy. One I think more people would be interested in. Imagine pressing a button and having the car find a space and park in it rather than having to do it yourself!
Nissan Leaf launch date
Nissan have also finally told us when they will be unveiling the next generation Leaf. It will be on September 6 at the International Motor Show Germany in Frankfurt. There we hope to see the new Leaf in all its glory and be able to have a good look around the interior. 
It would be nice to be able to play around with ProPilot but that is unlikely at an auto show. It will likely be later that we get hands on with the system.
We still don’t know much about the car except the teasers that Nissan have released. The big one is range. We know the current Leaf is being superseded by competing models in terms of range and that the new Leaf is being promised as having considerably longer reach between charges than the current model.

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