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New Kia Soul EV spied

New Kia Soul EV spied

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Hot on the heels of Kia Niro Electric and it’s 301 mile range, the next generation of Kia Soul EV has been spotted in the wild. When we say in the wild, we mean at the main European proving ground, the German Nürburgring.

The Nürburgring is famous for being a torture test and speed test and can assess handling, rough terrain, speed and many elements of car behaviour. Alongside the testing ground in the Mojave Desert, this is one place that really sorts the wheat from the chaff. If a car performs well at the Nürburgring, it will perform well most other places too.

The images, hosted over at Autoblog, show several external and some internal shots too.

Kia Soul EV
The Kia Soul EV was spotted a week or two ago and this time, the photographer got to see inside. We have seen exterior shots before, equally camouflaged but this is the first time we have seen the cabin. Most tellingly the range was clearly visible. The touchscreen says 92% battery left with a range of 437km. That equates to a range of 500km or 271 miles on a full charge.

Whether this is the old generation electric motor or Kia is using a smaller battery, we don’t yet know. If the larger and heavier Niro can achieve 301 miles between charges, I find it difficult to believe that the smaller and lighter Soul cannot do more. We shall have to see on that one. The Soul uses the same electric motor as Hyundai’s Kona which achieves around 292 miles per charge.

Aside from the range consideration, the spy shots show us that the Kia Soul EV retains its signature shape and looks similar to the gas models. The headlights and taillights look to have been tweaked to make them more stylish while the rest of the shape, from what we can see at least, remains largely the same.

Inside, the dimensions look roughly the same but the dashboard was largely camouflaged. The touchscreen did look slightly larger and has the controls in a different place but other than that it looks very similar. That doesn’t mean much though as a lot of it was hidden.

With the news that around 20% of North American buyers are starting to consider electric vehicles more seriously for their next purchase, the Kia Soul EV is going to be a very important vehicle for Kia. Already popular in some circles, it needs to offer fantastic range and continue the quality and character of the existing model. It looks good so far but we will have to wait and see for the rest!

Test drive the current Kia Soul at Georgetown Kia, 199 and 314 Guelph Street, Georgetown, Ontario. I think it will surprise you.

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