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New Kia Rio breaks cover

New Kia Rio breaks cover

The new look Kia Rio has been showcased by the Korean automaker. Ever since seeing spy shots of a camouflaged car earlier this year we have been wondering about this change. We needn’t have worried as the new facelifted Kia looks great!

The Kia Rio is a great little car. It is compact, agile and still has enough room for four adults. It’s a great drive around town and can park almost anywhere.

This new model is a modest change from the former but that’s a good thing. While we call it facelifted, the actual changes are minimal. New lighting with LED running lights, a slightly modified lower sill, familiar tiger nose grille and what looks like a steeper angle for the windshield are most obvious changes.

At the rear, a modified set of lights, more pronounced ridge on the trunk lid and more of an angle on the rear hangover are the main points to note.

Inside, the cabin has been upgraded with a new touchscreen, new digital dashboard, new trim options, including carbon fibre and what looks to be a tweaked dashboard.

Under the hood

The engines have also seen some improvement. A new 1.0-litre three cylinder engine with mild hybrid arrangement is being introduced. It uses a standard engine along with an electric motor to provide better gas mileage and lower emissions.

Exact power, gas mileage and emissions are currently unknown. We do know that this motor is called Smartstream and will come with a new manual transmission with an electronic clutch. Kia calls this ‘clutch-by-wire’

The standard 1.0-litre engine will still be available along with a six speed manual transmission or seven speed dual clutch variant as will the 1.2-litre four cylinder.

The output of these engines is modest but the car is light. The engines and transmissions have all been balanced to deliver light weight, excellent gas mileage and enough get up and go to keep them entertaining around the city. These are fun little cars to drive!

The 2019 Kia Rio was rated Top Safety Pick by the US IIHS. We expect this to continue as similar safety features are included in the new model. We don’t know whether the optional automatic emergency braking is still a paid extra yet or not. It still makes a good investment if it is.

The new Kia Rio will be released in Europe first and then make its way to Canada and the US later this year. Exact prices and dates have yet to be revealed. Keep an eye on Georgetown Kia, 199 and 314 Guelph Street, Georgetown, Ontario for any news.

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