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New Ford GT being built in Markham Ontario

New Ford GT being built in Markham Ontario


One of the
snippets of information to come out of this month's Canadian International Auto
Show in Toronto was that Ford will be building their flagship car in Canada. Ford announced that the new Ford GT will be manufactured in Markham, Ontario rather
than a U.S. factory, which is great news for the region.

company Multimatic will do the honours at their manufacturing plant in Markham.
Multimatic have a track record of working on performance cars after
collaborations with Aston Martin, Camaro, Dodge and other performance marques.
They have produced components for the Aston Martin One-77, CC100 and V12
Zagato. They have also prepared components for the Camaro Z/28, the Dodge

is set to begin sometime during mid-2016 for the 2017 model year.

New Ford GT

The new
Ford GT was unveiled at Detroit during January. It was news to nobody of course
as Ford had hinted that it was planning to deliver a new car to Le Mans for
2016 and it could only have been a GT given its heritage. However, the unveil
was still a stunner.

That's not
least because of the looks. It's an all carbon fibre shell with active
aerodynamics and looks amazing. The active aero is provided by a multi-position
rear spoiler and active suspension to keep the car low to the ground. The
chassis is all aluminum to keep strength and lower weight too.

The GT will
also have carbon ceramic brakes to bring the beast to a stop, pushrod actuated
dampers and adjustable ride height to keep it manageable and 20 inch alloy
wheels with Michelin Pilot Super Sport Cup 2 for keeping it on the road.

The Ford GT
will need all the help it can get to maintain road manners. Why? Because it
will have a supercharged V6 engine with upwards of 600 horsepower to control! The
engine is expected to be a 3.5-litre EcoBoost twin turbo V6 that’s good for
over 600 hp. It is expected that this engine will also deliver over 500 lb-ft
of torque too.

The design
of the new Ford GT is a marvel. It managed to nod its head at past GT cars
while also looking completely modern. It’s wide, low, has some razor sharp
angles, centrally mounted exhausts and huge wheels. Inside is much the same.
The cabin is cozy, with digital gauges, sports seats and paddle shifters.

The Ford GT
looks stunning and we can't wait to see it on our streets. I think we will all
be queuing up at Northway Ford if they get one!

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