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New Ferrari C’était un Rendez-vous video released

New Ferrari C’était un Rendez-vous video released

I thought I would end the week with something a little different. For those old enough to remember the original C’était un Rendez-vous video from way back in 1976, a new, reimagined version has been released. The new video was shot in Monaco and features the brand new Ferrari SF90 Stradale hybrid supercar.

The original was a massive hit and still counts its daily viewers by the thousand. The new version won’t be anywhere near as popular but is still worth a watch.

Car Nation Canada may not sell Ferrari but we are car fans through and through. As car fans, we would be remiss if we didn’t talk about one of the most famous car movies of all time aside from Bullitt.

C’était un Rendez-vous

For those who haven’t watched either version of C’était un Rendez-vous, I suggest watching the new video first and the original second.

The new video features Ferrari’s new supercar, F1 driver Charles Leclerc and an empty Monaco Grand Prix circuit. Prince Albert of Monaco also makes an appearance.

The film was short by Claude Lelouch who made the original. It was apparently filmed on the day the Monaco Grand Prix was due to take place.

As you can see, this is Ferrari in full colour and high definition. You can hear all 986 hp from the 4-litre twin turbo Ferrari engine in that movie. The motor uses three electric motors to deliver that power and is the most advanced car ever to wear the prancing horse.

One electric motor sits between the engine and transmission and the other two are at each front corner. They combine to deliver an all-wheel drive Ferrari capable of up to 15 miles of pure electric driving.

Sometimes the old ways are the best

Now you have seen the new version, take a watch of the original. Ignore the quality and just watch the movie.

The original C’était un Rendez-vous:

You may or may not agree with me, but I think the original is the better movie by miles. Sure Paris is a much more alluring location than Monaco and the intent of the story is much clearer, but the driving is also much more engaging as it has the element of danger. Something no modern movie maker would get away with now without CGI.

However, the original was not filmed using a Ferrari. Lelouch used a Mercedes-Benz 450SEL to film the sequence and dubbed the awesome soundtrack from a Ferrari 275 GTB over it.

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