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New features coming for the 2016 Ford Mustang

New features coming for the 2016 Ford Mustang


Next year's Ford Mustang GT will see a few upgrades to
celebrate the second year of the newest and best Mustang yet. We love the new
Mustang. We did wonder whether it would live up to its heritage or be too
watered down by Ford for the modern age, but we weren't disappointed. Neither were you
it seems as sales of them are pretty impressive!

Not content to rest on its laurels, Ford have announced a
few small upgrades for the 2016 Ford Mustang GT. The first of these is a nod to
that heritage and acquiescence to current owners, hood vent turn signals.
Apparently, enough fans and current owners have requested this feature that
Ford are bringing it in with the next model.

"Mustang enthusiasts are not shy about telling us what they
want, and we’re constantly exploring ideas together with our engineering team
to develop new features we know our customers will love," said Melanie Banker,
Mustang marketing manager.

"These new hood vent indicators for the GT model are a
perfect example of us communicating customer feedback to Mustang engineers and
the team responding with an exclusive new feature for owners of the 2016 Ford
Mustang GT."

Other features are also incoming. A new set of black or
silver racing stripes will be available from the factory. The option for a
black roof panel will be introduced, as will four new packages.

The Pony Package adds unique 19 inch alloys with pony logos
around the exterior. The Black Accent Package come with black 19 inch alloys,
black spoiler and black trim. The California Special Package comes with custom
ebony alloy wheels, ebony leather with red inserts, unique interior trim, hood
and side stripes, black spoiler, front splitter and other trim.

Finally, for the Mustang Convertible is the Performance
Package. This introduces strut braces, tuned suspension, tweaked Brembo brakes,
new wheels and tires and limited-slip differential. This package rights a
terrible wrong, that the current Mustang convertible didn't have a performance package
from the very beginning!

With these seemingly minor changes, Ford have demonstrated
to everyone that they are dedicated to driving the Mustang forward and to
responding to customer needs. Not only is this latest edition of the pony car
the best yet, the evolution of this new model continues. Listening to requests
and building on some of them is the best way to generate a loyal following.
While the Mustang has never had a problem with fans, it's just one more reason
to love this car!

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