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New fast charging batteries could revolutionize electric vehicles

New fast charging batteries could revolutionize electric vehicles

New battery technology has been announced that could change how we view electric vehicles forever. The new lithium-ion batteries charge from empty to full in just five minutes. That has serious implications for EVs!

The batteries are almost ready for production too. Engineering samples have already been released to manufacturers to test.

The batteries were invented by Israeli company StoreDot.

"A five-minute charging lithium-ion battery was considered to be impossible," said StoreDot's chief executive, Dr Doron Myersdorf.

"But we are not releasing a lab prototype, we are releasing engineering samples from a mass production line. This demonstrates that it is feasible and commercially ready."

Fast charging

Right now, fast charging means waiting hours to charge an electric car from empty to full. That could be changing soon.

The new batteries meet current lithium-ion standards and can be manufactured on a standard production line with no special tooling. This is good news. If the batteries are accepted by manufacturers, production could begin right away with minimal retooling and setup.

The batteries can also be charged using a standard public or home charger, which is an added bonus.

New world for electric motoring

There is no specific mention of the range of each battery but presumably if they use mostly standard lithium-ion technology, it will be the same or similar to now.

The main benefit is being able to charge in just a few minutes. That makes the entire concept of electric motoring much more palatable.

While range anxiety is one of the main barriers to entry, EVs will struggle to make the gains they deserve. This battery tech could change all that.

The thought of sitting at a charging point for 5-10 minutes rather than a couple of hours is going to make battery-powered EVs much more acceptable to many more people.

That, and the increase in models and the slow decrease in prices means the future is looking good for green motoring.

I love a V8. I even love a V6 and the throaty rumble as you put your foot flat on the floor. But I also love EVs. The smoot quiet drive and that kick in the back as you get full power the second your foot hits the floor.

There’s nothing quite like it and while it doesn’t have the soundtrack of a Coyote V8, it does have smoother power delivery and a much more explosive experience. Just without the explosive fossil fuels.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this story and on StoreDot. If they can come up with this much improvement in such an approachable way, what else can they come up with?


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