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Ford selling Mustang Mach-E Motors as Crates

Ford selling Mustang Mach-E Motors as Crates

Crate motors have always been a way of upgrading or replacing stock engines in cars. As engines have evolved, so has the crate, with Ford now offering the same type of motor as in the Mach-E GT now available in a crate.


Crate engines are very popular and another money spinner for automakers. Rather than a big block V8 or something more exotic, you can now buy a crate motor that’s completely green.




The ‘Eluminator e-crate motor’ from Ford is based on the Mustang Mach-E Motors. It generates the equivalent of 281 hp and 317 lb-ft of torque.


Ford says it will begin supplementing this crate motor with other EV building blocks like batteries, motor controllers, energy inverters and all the technical parts that make up an EV.


Tesla has been selling crate motors for a while now and seems to make quite a bit of money doing it. You can see electric conversions across the world sporting exactly the same engines as in production cars.


You’ll soon be able to see the same but with Mustang Mach-E Motors.


Electric conversion


As we gradually switch to electric from gasoline, the market for electric conversions is growing. It’s a sure way to still enjoy the look and feel of a classic or current car but with zero emissions.


While we do love the burble of a V8 and the whine of a supercharger, we also know its time is limited.


So, it’s better to accept the fact and embrace electric because that’s definitely where the auto industry is heading. There may be alternative drive sources as well as electric, but the majority of future cars will be battery powered.


One of the world’s leading electric conversion companies is Electric Classic Cars.


Based in the UK, this is a well-established company that has been using Tesla crate motors for years.


The company converts classic cars to full electric. Projects include a Ferrari 328, original BMW 2000, Fiat 500, VW camper van, Land Rover Defender, a classic Porsche 911, Mercedes-Benz and even a DeLorean!


This company is one of many that has taken the crate motor and created a business out of it. We have them here in Canada but they don’t have anything like the track record of Electric Classic Cars.


As Ford increases their range of crate motors and accessories, you can expect that to change.


While conversions aren’t cheap, they are a way to keep your beloved car on the road in the face of increased restrictions. There will come a time when gas will be too expensive, too restricted or not readily available, so we need to get our heads around that.


Using a Ford crate motor in your current car could be a way around that!


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