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Mustang-inspired EV coming this year?

Mustang-inspired EV coming this year?

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It’s no secret that Ford are planning a Mustang-inspired electric vehicle but we were led to believe it wouldn’t be with us until 2022 or thereabouts. New rumours doing the rounds could have it being revealed this year and with us as a 2020 model.

We still don’t know much about the Mustang-inspired electric crossover except that it might be called the Mach-E and is expected to have a 370 mile range. We saw a teaser image late last year that didn’t tell us much so anything else is pure guesswork. 
I did mention when I talked about this car before that I didn’t think it would be the Mach-E. I think that name will be given to the potential Mustang PHEV that Ford is also planning to bring to market. The name would match that vehicle much better than a crossover. I might be wrong though.
New Ford crossover
British publication Autocar have spoken about this a bit over the past few months. This latest update still refers to it as the Mach-E but I’m really not sure it will be called that. Regardless of name, they also say the new vehicle is being designed to take on the Tesla Model Y.
Whatever this EV will be called, it will be Ford’s first crossover EV designed specifically by Ford. It will use a brand new platform and likely be RWD or AWD, contain enough batteries to achieve that 370 stated range and be able to compete on price and performance with the Model Y.
Ford also said they “redesigning the ownership experience to ensure it addresses customer pain points that currently hold back broad electric car adoption”. That’s quite an ambition but would do more for EV sales than anything else an automaker could do.
Ford hinted at a Bank of America conference that this new electric crossover will be named and revealed before the end of 2019. That’s the bit that has got us all excited. Having thought for the longest time that we had two years to wait for this new vehicle, it seems we only have a few months.
If Canadian gas prices keep going up, there is going to be quite the appetite for a cool new EV and if priced right, this could be a top seller everywhere. It will be another Ford global model so will be made available everywhere the company has a presence, presumably with a few changes to match local preferences but otherwise left intact.
In the meantime, Ford have a range of fuel efficient hybrids and EVs. Visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 to see them up close.

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