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More information surfaces regarding the Ford Mach-E

More information surfaces regarding the Ford Mach-E

The Ford Mach-E was one of the stories of 2019 that generated the most hype. That hype shows no sign of slowing down despite it being many months until Ford will be in a position to deliver the Mach-E. Ford has given us a little more information about the car even if we don’t yet have a delivery date.

The Ford Mach-E is the automaker’s most hotly anticipated new model. With great looks and huge potential, the new vehicle has both set itself a high bar to reach and opened the door for huge sales with people across North America. Ford seems to appreciate this and has committed to a more collaborative ordering process than usual.

According to an image on the MachEForum, Ford has produced a timeline that shows their plans for the buildup to release and for converting notes of interest into actual orders. The Ford Mach-E GT is not included in this timeline.

It shows:

  • Spring 2020 - Order confirmation for customers who reserved a vehicle.
  • Summer 2020 - Charging options communicated and production scheduled.
  • Fall 2020 - Vehicle production and test drives.
  • Winter 2020-2021 - First deliveries.

Ford has also said they will set up monthly email communications with those customers with verified orders to keep them in the loop.

Ford Mach-E dealerships

To complement this new collaborative attitude towards sales, Ford have also allegedly instructed dealerships to not include the Ford Mach-E below the MSRP. As we all know, less upstanding dealers often advertise vehicles at low prices only to ‘forget’ to include any taxes, fees or other costs that bring prices back up to normal. Ford seems to want the Ford Mach-E to have nothing to do with these bait and switch tactics and has apparently told dealerships as much.

This is a shrewd move by Ford to keep public perception around the Ford Mach-E positive. It has introduced the customer update, has this collaborative timeline the instructions to dealers. It seems the automaker is going to great lengths in order to keep our attitude towards this new vehicle favourable.

As long as the end result is as good as the demo we saw at LA last year and Ford backs up these plans with action, the Ford Mach-E launch should be a good one. We have up to a year to change our minds though so I doubt this will be Ford’s last set of plans before release!

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