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More Ford Bronco images appearing online

More Ford Bronco images appearing online

The Ford Bronco has to be one of the worst kept secrets around. Ever since it was first hinted at way back when, there have been leaks, spy shots and images appearing regularly on the internet. We may be close to launch but that hasn’t stopped the leaks coming. This week is a case in point with dozens of images appearing online.

Bronco breaking cover

There are two distinct sets of images. One showing a traditional truck/SUV profile with flat front end with the word Bronco across the grille, what looks like a removable roof and very high ground clearance. This series of images are everywhere but I found them on Motortrend.

The second series of images show something quite different. This is a more SUV-style vehicle with lower ground clearance and a much more upright stance. The front end looks to be a completely different shape too. While the grill and light arrangement look similar, in this second set of images, the grille curves round quite distinctly where it doesn’t on those others.

According to ‘sources’, that first set of images are supposed to be of the Ford Bronco while the second set have been identified as the Bronco Sport. I do hope not. That second vehicle looks anything but sporty.

There is a third option of course. Neither of these vehicles could be real. Either could have been test cars that have been dismissed as not viable or used to throw us off the scent.

2021 Ford Bronco

The Ford Bronco Sport was supposed to debut at the New York Auto Show this April. However, thanks to coronavirus/Covid-19, the show has been rescheduled for August. As long as the pandemic behaves as has been modelled, the show should happen in a few months.

The Ford Bronco was also destined to have a reveal too. It was to be a standalone event held in March.

Whether Ford will wait for the New York Auto Show or continue with its own event is anybody’s guess. The global release was to be spring 2020 but at the time of writing, Ford has yet to say anything about its plans.

Wait until an August reveal and you miss a good chunk of the summer buying season. If there is such a thing this year. While we don’t want to be like other outlets and run continuous stories on coronavirus, it is having a massive impact on the automotive industry.

Auto shows have been cancelled or rescheduled, some automakers are instigating home working where possible and car sales are being impacted across the world.

We don’t yet know when the 2021 Ford Bronco will be breaking cover. Given the time constraints involved, its spring schedule, production schedules and the whole raft of considerations that goes into a vehicle launch, I doubt Ford does just yet either.

We will update you as soon as we have any definite news.

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