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When Selling a Used Car in 2022, Don't Make these Mistakes

When Selling a Used Car in 2022, Don't Make these Mistakes

Selling a used car in 2022 is really a great idea if you're considering it, the market is experiencing unprecedented demand from all over the world. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it could take weeks if not months to sell your used car, and that is not without reducing your asking price.


Those days are long gone, you can sell your used car for a tidy sum, but you must have the right approach.


Instead of telling you all of the things you should do to sell your car, we are going to cove some of the things you should avoid, by avoiding these mistakes, it should be smooth sailing for you going forward.


Never put your Details on the Used Car Advertisement


A common mistake that people make is putting their mobile phone number and their email address. Scammers can harvest that information and use it against you.


What some scammers will do is copy your car advertisement but input their contact information. These scammers will then ask the prospective buyer to send them a deposit to “hold the car”. The unsuspecting buyer sends the funds but the scammer disappears and the buyer is naturally frustrated.


Don’t Advertise on Social Media


We mentioned not putting your details on the used car advertisement. Another place we do not recommend selling a used car in 2022 is on social media websites.


On paper, social media may seem like a logical choice. It’s free, there is a large number of people who use these platforms. Granted, there is a considerable number of people who are active on social media, these individuals are not actively looking for a used car.


The majority of people shopping on social media are looking for a bargain. You may get some offers but they will be lowball or scammers trying to take advantage of you. In either case, you need to avoid them like the plague.


If you are wondering how scammers accomplish their goal, we will touch on one of the most common scams that are currently happening, thanks in part to the pandemic.


You will be contacted by someone via social media, asking about your used car for sale. They will then say they want to buy the car but due to the pandemic restrictions, it is impossible to meet in person.


What the scammer will do is either send a cheque or Interac email transfer, the cheque is the most common method at the moment.


You take the cheque, deposit it, and the scammer contacts you to confirm you received the payment, you confirm and the scammer then mentions their “friend” will stop by to pick up the car.


A week or two after the car has been picked up, you notice your bank account is in the negative! The check the scammer sent was for a closed account.


The Safest Way to Sell a Used Car in 2022


Is by going through a local car dealership, the dealership has the cash on hand to buy your car and they are a legitimate business, so you don’t have to worry about bad cheques or being scammed.


If you're looking to sell your car quickly and safely, why not sell your car to us at Car Nation Canada! Click here for a free no-obligation appraisal on your car.


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