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May 2022 Ford Recalls: Explorer, Expedition, Navigator, Trucks

May 2022 Ford Recalls: Explorer, Expedition, Navigator, Trucks

Ford has issued a recall for over 900,00 vehicles across its range. Those vehicles include the 2020-2022 Ford Explorer in one recall and 2020-2021 Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and F-series trucks in another.


None of the May 2022 Ford recalls present a danger to life and not all vehicles being recalled will have the issues in question.


2020-2022 Ford Explorer recall


The 2020-2022 Ford Explorer recall is regarding a rear axle bolt that could fracture.


If it fractures, the bolt could allow the driveshaft to separate from the axle assembly. If parked, this could allow the Explorer to roll away if the parking brake is not active.


Models involved include 2020 and 2021 Explorer Police FHEV, Explorer Police 3.3-litre, 2020 to 2022 Explorer 2.3-litre RWD, 3.0-litre PHEV, 3.3-litre HEV, as well as the 3.0-litre ST models.


Ford says:


"The affected vehicles were built with a three-point mounted axle. On some units, the horizontal mounting bolt on the rear axle can fail. Torque from the drivetrain through the powertrain causes the tilted pinion to rotate toward the subframe, which exerts a bending force on the rear axle bolt. Maximum torque is normally experienced during a start."


2020-2021 Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and F-series truck recall


The May 2022 Ford recalls affecting 2020-2021 Expedition, Lincoln Navigator and F-series trucks is less serious.


This recall is to do with a wiper assembly that is potentially too short to fully engage the mounting pivots. This could result in the wipers separating or not working as required.


This has obvious ramifications for driving in adverse conditions as it could cause visibility issues when wipers are in use.


"This can cause the arm attachment to become detached when used with certain high-torque wiper motors," Ford said in its defect report submitted to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). "Potential symptoms include erratic or slow speed of either wiper arm."


Book your Ford for a service and we’ll handle the recall


If you own a 2020-2022 Ford Explorer, 2020-2021 Expedition, Lincoln Navigator or F-series truck, book it in for a service and we’ll handle the recall.


We check for recall notices as part of a full service and can perform any required checks or repairs as required.


As we mentioned at the top, not all vehicles within this group will have the issue, but the risk remains. It’s safer to check and have the issue addressed than to have a critical failure when you least expect it.


Book your Ford in for a service and Northway Ford will handle the rest!


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