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How to Make Money Driving Your Car in 2023

How to Make Money Driving Your Car in 2023

Saving up for a down payment for an auto loan? Need to earn a little extra to help pay off a new loan? Want to pay off debt so you can qualify for a cheaper auto loan? Whatever your reasons for wanting to make money driving a car, you have several ways to do it. Our Rockton auto loan team explains.


It’s only right that such an expensive asset should help pay for itself. Now there are several ways you can do that. Recent innovations mean it’s easier than ever to have a side hustle with your day job to earn a little extra cash.


Here’s how.




Ride share apps like Uber and Lyft both enable anyone with a decent car to make extra money. It won’t make you rich and will involve long hours but is the ideal opportunity to make the car pay for itself.


How much you earn depends on where you live, the demand for ridesharing and how much competition there is. Drivers average around $20+ per hour depending on the working hours.


If you live in a larger town or city, your earning potential will obviously be higher but smaller towns may also have opportunities.


Delivering food


Delivering food is another huge industry made even more popular through COVID. You can drive for an individual restaurant or series of restaurants or work with an app. It’s entirely up to you.


Like ridesharing, much will depend on where you live, how much opportunity and how much competition there is. You could expect to earn between $15-$20 per hour delivering food.


Amazon Flex


Amazon Flex is a scheme for owner drivers to help the retail giant make same day deliveries. You can use a car and don’t need a van but will need to be reliable and responsive.


It’s the same deal here. Your earning potential will be determined by where you live, the competition and how much business Amazon does in the region. You could expect to earn up to $30 per hour in busier areas.


All of these involve long hours and often unsociable hours, but offer flexible ways to earn extra each month.


Driving billboard


You could also consider placing a magnetic advert on your car while you’re driving to earn a little extra on top of your extra. Companies like Drivertise will pay you to drive around with an advert on the car.


The adverts are usually magnetic or wraps and won’t damage the car. You’ll be paid a set amount per month depending on how large the ad is and how many miles you drive.


You could potentially combine this method with one of the others to double up on your earnings. Check the rules though as there may be limits on advertising one firm while driving for another!


Know of any other ways to make money driving a car? Let us know in the comments!


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