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3 Easy Ways You Can Make Car Insurance Cheaper in Canada

3 Easy Ways You Can Make Car Insurance Cheaper in Canada

Car insurance is a legal requirement in Ontario which means that insurance companies get to rest happy knowing you’re legally required to buy from them. It’s because of this that they’ll often try to sneak in extra costs and charges that you don’t actually need, making it so you’re overpaying for your insurance. In this article we’re going to go through some of the most common tactics to look out for that if avoided, can make your car insurance cheaper.



Unnecessary Extra Coverage


One of the most common tactics insurance companies will use to get more money out of you is putting extra coverage on your plan that you don’t actually need and will never actually claim. 


For example “roadside assistance” coverage is a usual added coverage that you realistically don’t need as it can be claimed on your usual insurance anyway.


Most insurance companies will let you update your coverage if you ask and make a fuss, you’ll have to deal with some bureaucracy but you’ll save money in the end.



You’re Address Is Outdated


One of the biggest factors in calculating insurance costs is your home address, the closer you live to the centre of a city, the more expensive your insurance is going to be. This is because most road accidents happen in built up urban areas and therefore people who live in cities are more likely to make an insurance claim.


If you used to live in the city and have moved further away, you may not have thought to update your car insurance details to reflect the new address, but you really should as you'll make your car insurance cheaper and save a lot of money.



They're Just Overcharging You


Sometimes there’s not a fancy trick to be found and insurance companies will just charge you as much as they reasonably think they can get away with. Despite what you might think insurance companies actually don’t have many incentives to reward loyalty, in fact often they’ll increase the cost of insurance for long time customers as they aren’t willing to shop around and look for better deals.


If you haven’t recently you should absolutely shop around and look at other options for insurance, it might turn out that you’ve been paying a massive overcharge for no good reason, at which point you can either turn to your insurer and tell them to match, or you can take your business elsewhere.


Insurance companies can be quite shady sometimes, which is why you have to outsmart them in order to make your car insurance cheaper.


We hope this article helps! If you have any more questions, please contact us here.

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