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Low-Risk Ways to Sell your Used Car in Canada

Low-Risk Ways to Sell your Used Car in Canada

The news has been talking about a new and used car shortages that are impacting all of Canada. If you have a used car, now may be a great time to put it up for sale!


Is your vehicle in high demand?


The used car market as a whole, is experiencing massive demand. There are some models that are in higher demand than others, an example of that would be Jeep.


Jeep has established itself as the go-to choice for drivers that want a great city/highway and off-road driving experience.


What is your vehicle worth in today’s market?


You need to have the right expectation when selling your used car. Of course, we all want to get the most cash possible, but you need first to determine what your is worth.


You can refer to websites like Kelly Blue Book for insight on what similar cars are selling for in your area. Where you live has a direct impact on how much money you can get for your vehicle.


In Toronto, Montreal, or Vancouver, sellers will have more prospective sellers than a seller in Moncton, New Brunswick. While reviewing the prices that you see online, aim for somewhere in the middle. By setting the asking price in the middle, you could get multiple offers which may lead to a bidding way.


The documentation you must prepare


You will need to have some paperwork in place before any money can change hands. Residents of Ontario will need to use the official used car sales kit endorsed by the Government.


After you have downloaded the kit, you should get the service record of your used car. Every time you went for an oil change, had routine maintenance performed, there would be a receipt. By having these receipts available, prospective buyers will see that the car was properly maintained. This helps preserve the car’s perceived value when it comes time for negotiations.


Advertising your used car for sale


There are automotive websites dedicated to buying and selling cars, like Auto Trader. You can post your used car advertisement there. Put extra effort into the advertisement, so you stand out from all of the others.


One way to make your advertisement stand out is by uploading a video of the car. The video should cover the interior and exterior of the vehicle. It would also be great to show the engine running on the video.


Quick and easy way to sell your used car


There are times when you need cash fast. If you are in that situation and can’t wait for someone to respond to your used car advertisement, there are options available.


One of the simplest ways to sell your used car for quick money is by going through a local car dealership. The dealership has the cash to pay you fast, and they will give you a fair price based on what your car is worth. By going through a local car dealership, you save yourself a tremendous amount of time and hassle.


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