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Look after your tires and they will look after you

Look after your tires and they will look after you


Car tires
are important all year round, but their condition, tread depth, pressure and
overall condition becomes even more important when the roads become wetter and colder.
Tires are an unglamorous part of car ownership, yet they are a vital part. With
that in mind, we are going to cover some of the basic checks you need to do to
keep yours safe.

Your tires
are an essential safety feature. In fact, they could be the most important
safety feature of any car, anywhere. That’s because they are the only part of
your car that are in contact with the road. Any safety technology, any driving
ability and any performance option on a car depends on tires to turn their
potential into reality.

So rule #1
is to never try to save money on tires. If you spend your hard-earned cash
anywhere, it should be on a good set of quality tires that are suitable for the
conditions you drive.

There are
three other elements of your tires that you need to be aware of:

  1. Tire pressure
  2. Tread depth
  3. General condition

Tire pressure

pressure influences how well your car drives and how quickly it can come to a
stop. It also influences gas mileage, cornering, road holding and ride quality.
Some cars will monitor tire pressure for you and display it, others will not so
you have to do it yourself.

Each tire
will display the ideal pressure on the sidewall. Make sure that each pair,
front and back has the same pressure and that it is within the margins the manufacturer
specifies. Get into the habit of checking tire pressure regularly, especially
during fall and winter.

Tread depth

Tire treads
are designed to displace water so you always have grip. The more tread a tire
has, the more water it can displace. There are minimum limits for tread depth,
so this is definitely something you need to consider.

treat depth is simple. Find out what the minimum depth is in your state and use
a measure. If the tread looks worn, change the tire.

General condition

the general condition of your tires is one of the most basic, but most
important checks you can make. You are looking for splits, wear, tears, things
stuck in the tire and anything else that might impair its performance. All tire
damage can have catastrophic consequences if left untended, so it is vital that
any damage is rectified quickly.

performing any of these checks, don’t forget to check the spare too!

If you need
help with tires or are unsure of how to perform a tire check, bring your carfor a service at your local Car Nation Canada location. We’ll take care of it
for you.




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