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Lincoln teases new Corsair model

Lincoln teases new Corsair model

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We have known for a while now that Lincoln were preparing a new Corsair model for launch but that was the limit of our knowledge. A leak from Lincoln has added a little meat to the bones but still leaves an element of mystery surrounding this new vehicle.

We know a little about the Lincoln Corsair from spy shots we saw earlier this year. The shape is of a crossover that departs slightly from the MKC it is replacing. It’s a modern shape that reflects the direction of travel for most Lincoln designs. Fluid, rounded and not as purposely imposing as those that have gone before.
There are similarities to the equally new Lincoln Aviator, including aircraft-inspired name. A rounded front end with decent sized grille, angled lights with LED strips, lower sill, modest hood and rounded roof all play a part too. There is a horizontal waistline which should keep light and visibility generous inside while a medium ride height should allow the vehicle to cope with most terrain.
The interior of the Lincoln Corsair is still largely a mystery but I think it safe to use the Aviator again as inspiration. That means lots of round edges, quality trim, heavy supportive seating and a driver-centric dashboard with a touchscreen centre screen and LED or LCD instrument panel. Nothing has officially been announced yet though.
Lincoln Corsair drivetrain
The Lincoln Corsair drivetrain configuration has been a tightly held secret so far. No announcements or leaks have appeared that I know of and nothing has yet been said. We do expect Ford’s new 2.0-litre and perhaps 2.3-litre turbocharged engines to feature and very likely the ten speed automatic transmission. Whether it will be FWD, RWD or AWD is as yet unknown.
Ford’s SUVs and crossovers are selling amazingly well right now so we expect a heavy input, or at least influence from those in the Corsair. Other than that we just don’t know. We only have a couple of weeks to wait until the show so we will know a whole lot more then!
The only other thing we know is that we will get to see something on April 17 at the New York Auto Show. Lincoln had originally scheduled the Corsair for a 2021 release but demand for crossovers and SUVs has skyrocketed so the automaker accelerated development and now plan to release it imminently.
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