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Taking a Look at the Lincoln Star Concept

Taking a Look at the Lincoln Star Concept

The Lincoln Star Concept has been designed to showcase what Lincoln sees as the way forward in terms of design. It coincides with the 100th anniversary of the automaker under Ford’s stewardship and is a sign of things to come.


The Star Concept is just that, a concept but is illustrates what Ford/Lincoln sees as the future direction of big SUVs.


“This doesn’t have a proxy; it doesn’t have it doesn’t have a reference. This is a new species,” said John Jraiche, global product director for Lincoln. “What we were trying to avoid were any of the conventional constraints.”


Star Concept


The design is smooth, with rounded edges and very few embellishments. It’s a typical future car design with big wheels, moulded lighting, smooth panels and very little to distract from the overall shape.


It’s a nice shape too. It’s long, aero at the front, starts high and slops gradually down the roofline to a lower hatch at the back.


The waistline glass was all blacked out on the concept, but the glass is a seamless bank of windows running the whole length of the vehicle.


Aside from a small quarterlight, the upper half of the Star Concept is all glass.


A new direction


The Star Concept uses Ford’s AWD battery electric platform that uses computers for everything and will enable the Star to use the next-generation Lincoln Intelligence System.


The front hood is glass that changes colour to hide the contents. It also includes a smart folding drawer for easy access and storage.


A combination of lattice metalwork, clever glass and satin paint creates an overall impression of flight, which is exactly what Lincoln wanted.


Even though the upper half of the Star Concept looks glass, there are metal A and B pillars, just hidden by clever paint and tinted glass.


That means the SUV will have the structure and safety we look for, alongside this slick, modern look.


There was no interior view of the Star Concept, but our experience tells us that’s a good thing. Concept interiors rarely make it to production so are usually flights of fancy rather than real visions.


The trouble with concepts


The trouble with concepts of this quality is that they make the existing vehicle lineup look out of date.


Compare the Star Concept to the Navigator or Aviator and the two already excellent SUVs suddenly look old fashioned.


While there was no release date or any hint that the Star Concept will hit production anytime soon, Lincoln has to be careful to note make its current lineup completely irrelevant in one go.


We’ll share more on the Star Concept if and when there is any news.


Check out the current Lincoln lineup at Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.


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