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Lincoln launching car subscription service in US

Lincoln launching car subscription service in US

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I had mentioned a while ago that Lincoln were looking into a subscription service for used vehicles. It seems the automaker is ready to go and will be launching a limited trial in San Francisco and Los Angeles soon. The subscription means participants will be able to drive a pre-owned Lincoln for one single monthly payment.

I am honestly surprised it has taken so long for automakers to try this idea. Sure Ford do it with Canvas, Cadillac do it, Volvo and Porsche do it in Europe but considering ownership of anything is reducing, it was only a matter of time before other cars caught up.

A car subscription is different from leasing in one important way. A lease just includes a car payment and perhaps servicing. A subscription includes insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance and warranty. Every expense aside from gas is taken car of with that one payment. I think it is definitely the way to go for those of us who prefer a single outgoing to simplify our lives.

One payment, one car
Lincoln are apparently using the Canvas model. A single payment for a 2017 pre-owned vehicle for a period of 12 months. Once the period is up you can elect for another vehicle. Presumably you can swap for another year old Lincoln should you wish. There is no mention of whether you can keep the car you’re currently driving though.

Ford’s version has been running for over a year now in the same cities. With around 600 customers, packages start at $400 US a month and differ according to model driven and options selected. I would expect Lincoln to cost a bit more than that given the sticker price differential but no figures have been given as yet.

This service reflects a change in how people use products. We rent our phones, our TV service, music, software and other services so why not cars? We are comfortable with leasing which is essentially the same thing without the addition of insurance, roadside assistance and perhaps warranty. A subscription takes all of the car-related expenses and wraps it up into a simple package.

The only downside that I can see for this Lincoln subscription service over Ford’s is in the model range. You can change vehicle whenever you like, so if you’re going on a road trip you can use an Explorer. When commuting to work, you can use a Fiesta or Fusion. When you’re remodelling your home you can swap for an F-150 and so on.

Lincoln’s range isn’t quite so broad so may be more limiting. However, if you have always wanted to drive a Lincoln but could never afford or justify the sticker price, a subscription is the way to go.

Lincoln haven’t provided an exact date for when this service launches or any details on when it will expand to other areas. In the meantime, there is a huge selection of quality pre-owned Lincolns in our own Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2.

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