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Lincoln Electric Vehicle Teaser - What we Know So Far

Lincoln Electric Vehicle Teaser - What we Know So Far

The lack of electric updates from Lincoln has been a topic of conversation for more than a year. With parent company Ford going all guns blazing into the EV market and key competitors doing the same, Lincoln has been silent.


Until now.


We've now heard about a Lincoln electric vehicle teaser on 20 April.


Ford has spent north of $30 billion USD in its electrification strategy. At least some of that must be coming Lincoln’s way.


Lincoln EV


Along with that Lincoln electric vehicle teaser was a small statement telling us that Lincoln will be revealing their first EV after the New York Auto Show.


That’s all we know.


We don’t know the model, the size or position it will take in the lineup. We just have that teaser image at the top to hint that at least it will be an SUV.


Which is no mystery really, as that’s all Lincoln makes!


At least we can be sure that whatever the vehicle is, it will be quiet. Lincoln is known for quiet. Quiet smooth engines, quiet interiors, smooth driving and that velvet glove style of motoring the automaker has become famous for.


Lincoln PHEVs


Lincoln already has two plug-in hybrids, the Lincoln Aviator Grand Touring and the Corsair Grand Touring.


A full EV isn’t too much of a stretch given the size of the vehicles in question and engineering talent at both Lincoln and at Ford.


Both the Aviator and Corsair use existing gas engines and electric motor backup to provide modest electric-only range.


But they also provide the platform from which to expand that range.


Will the EV be an evolution of one of these models? Or will it be something new? On an all-new platform?


The after show show


Note, after the New York Auto Show, not at the show.


This is becoming a bit of a theme now. Automakers are falling out of love with the auto show concept. They have to compete for attention and vie for the spotlight, which doesn’t feed their appetite enough.


Instead, individual shows or showcases serve a brand much better. They have the limelight. They have the time and the lenses and can communicate whatever message they like.


There have been other leaked images around this announcement but we think the one above is most telling.


I’m sure between now and April 20, there will be others. Then we’ll get to know what’s coming.


The one thing you can depend on though, is that we’ll probably like it. This is Lincoln after all!


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