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Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Edition PHEV

Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Edition PHEV

The Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Edition is a plug-in hybrid crossover that takes the new Lincoln vehicle and adds hybrid electric drive with up to 25 miles of electric range. The Corsair was already notable for being Lincoln’s smallest crossover, it is now hoping to add to that with green credentials too.

The Corsair is a great looking vehicle. It has taken all of the heritage of Lincoln and brought it into the 21st century. It’s a thoroughly modern crossover with the same character and qualities we want from a Lincoln. The Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Edition takes that one step further with PHEV.

Plug-in Electric Hybrid

Taking a leaf out of the Aviator’s book, the Corsair is hoping to attract younger and more environmentally aware buyers. You get the same quality, looks and sumptuous cabins as every other Lincoln but will use less gas and emit less pollution while enjoying it.

The styling is sleek and understated in all the right places. The exterior design is unfussy, smooth, included very little chrome compared to older models and has very smooth lines. All things that will help attract younger buyers.

Inside, the two rows of seats are comfortable and supportive with enough head and legroom for adult passengers and space for luggage in back. The driving position is upright and very comfortable and has very similar instruments to the standard Corsair.

It’s under the hood where things change.

Under the hood

Where the standard Corsair uses a turbocharged 2.3-litre engine that delivers 295 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque, the Grand touring is different. It still has the same gas engine but supplements it with two electric motors and an electric drive system for all four wheels. This drive system sends electric power to the rear while using the gas engine to drive the front.

Output is said to be around the 265 hp mark but there has been no official release from Lincoln. The Corsair is also said to have ‘more than’ 25 miles electric only range. Exact figures for that are also not known at this time.

Aside from the drivetrain, the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Edition looks and feels like it’s standard engined sibling. It’s luxurious but understated, good looking, has dialled down the chrome and has superb interiors that you will love spending time in. If you can do all that while doing your bit for the planet, why wouldn’t you?

The Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Edition will be with us in summer 2020 with pricing to be announced closer to the time. For now, Northway Ford Lincoln has the full range of new and certified used Lincolns that are ready to drive away right now.

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