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Lincoln considers changing naming convention

Lincoln considers changing naming convention


As part of its plan for the future, Lincoln is apparently
considering dropping the two and three letter model names in favour of real
ones. So we could be seeing the end of the MKZ, MKC, MKX and MKT designations.

We did note the change here in the office when we saw the
new Lincoln Continental Concept but didn't take any notice of it at the time.
We just thought it was a name to separate it from the current production models
to avoid confusion. According to internet rumours, it could be more than that.

In an interview
with Automotive News
Joe Hinrichs, Ford Motor Co.’s president of the
Americas, said it was sometimes hard for anyone outside Lincoln or Ford to
follow the current naming convention.

“Without divulging the future,” Hinrichs said, “we’re very
excited about the Continental name and the attention it’s gotten.”

This is the strongest hint yet that Lincoln might bring back
proper, understandable names for their models. Since showing the Lincoln
Continental concept at New York, it has created a huge amount of attention for
the firm, even getting on the cover of Motor Trend. Combined with strong sales
from the properly named Lincoln Navigator, it's as strong a hint as you need
that proper names sell cars.

It seems only the Europeans and Japanese can sell cars with
letters or numbers in their name. The Porsche 911, Nissan 370Z, BMW 325,
Mercedes-Benz S500 and more are all best-selling marques with no names, but
they are easily distinguishable and easily identified.

Even though the third letter of Lincoln's monikers tried to
identify the type, X for cross, S for sedan and so on, it wasn't clear enough
or distinct enough to catch on. Now it seems, Ford and Lincoln have.

“I get it,” Hinrichs said. “I know MKX and C and Z and T.
I’ve studied them very well. I know them well, but we also understand the
issue. It’s, frankly, where the auto industry and the premium industry has
gone, if you look at all the nameplates. But another way Lincoln could
distinguish itself is to leverage its heritage. So I’ll leave it at that.”

So the future looks bright for Lincoln. Not only do we have an
amazing looking concept to look forward to in the Continental, we could also
have a clearer, more understandable naming convention for future models too!

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