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Lane departure warning technology is proving its worth

Lane departure warning technology is proving its worth

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According to the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, lane departure warning technology recently introduced into cars is having a significant effect on saving lives.

A recent study by IIHS says lane departure warning technology reduces single-vehicle, sideswipe and head-on crashes by 18%. It is also purported to lower injury rates by 21% in vehicle collisions. According to the study, 85,000 police-reported crashes and more than 55,000 injuries would have been prevented in 2015 if all vehicles had lane departure warning technology. That is the year for which this study assesses.
Better still, trucks equipped with lane departure warning technology saw a 50% reduction in collisions in the United States. Vehicles equipped with blind spot detection also helped reduce lane change collisions by 14% and injuries from such collisions by 23%.
"This is the first evidence that lane departure warning is working to prevent crashes of passenger vehicles on US roads," says study author and IIHS research vice president Jessica Cicchino. "Given the large number of fatal crashes that involve unintentional lane departures, technology aimed at preventing them has the potential to save a lot of lives."
We don’t yet have any data for Canada.
Technology saving lives
While many people, myself included, are uncomfortable with the push towards autonomous driving, lane departure warning technology has clear benefits. Lane departure and blind spot monitoring will be integrated into autonomous vehicles when they arrive, but having them included in normal vehicles offers a clear benefit.
There is a balance that must be struck with safety tech. It must offer real safety benefits but not become annoying or cause us to become lazy. We all see instances of careless driving every day on our commute to work and it would be a mistake to think these technologies are there so we don’t have to concentrate on what we are doing.
As long as we don’t become too complacent behind the wheel and don’t depend entirely on devices to keep us safe or provide concentration on the road, these figures should continue their trend. The driver still has a responsibility and still has to maintain attention while on the road. Yet these technologies are an extra set of eyes for when things get busy.
Such safety technologies are frequently requested at Car Nation Canada dealerships and this data will likely increase that. With most new cars now having some form of both features or the option to include them, we expect all new vehicle sales to include or have lane departure warning technology requested.

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