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Know this Before you Sell a Car in Flamborough

Know this Before you Sell a Car in Flamborough

We have put together some professional tips you should follow when selling a car in Flamborough Ontario. If you stick with this approach, you can avoid most of the headaches that come when trying to sell anything to the general public.


Our goal is to keep this information easy to follow and fun to read, so let's get cracking.


First, order the used car sales kit from the Ontario Government.


Each province is in charge of registering ownership of vehicles, and in Ontario, if you want to sell your used car to a private buyer, you have to pay $20 and use their official kit.


Unfortunately, there is no way to escape this requirement (aside from one which we will discuss later), so if you are serious about selling your used car to a private seller, you need to pay for the kit and wait for it to arrive in the mail.


Having the correct documents to sell a car in Flamborough


Another set of documents you will need aside from the used car sales kit is the official lien release and service record for the car.


The lien release proves the car loan was paid off, and there is no lien stopping the new owner from registering his/her name on the vehicle.


There are some people who try to sell a car with active liens but never tell the buyer when the VIN is run at a local registrar's office; the lien will come up in the search.


You do not want to have a reputation as someone who is shady, so always be direct when selling a used car or anything for that matter.


The service record is going to show prospective buyers the vehicle was properly maintained and a licensed mechanic performed all work.


While the used car being sold does not come with a warranty, having a well-documented service record will show the buyer that you were a responsible owner.


All of these documents and work have one goal in mind, to optimize the perceived value of your used car. Therefore, if you are not able to provide any of these documents, it will dramatically impact your ability to get a good price for your used car.


Where to sell your used car when you don't have much time


If you need to sell your used car fast because you are traveling or are not able to spend the time needed, then you should bring your used car to a dealership in your area.


Every dealership will want to buy your used car; you can shop around to see who is going to give you a good deal.


When shopping around, while comparing the quotes, you should also check the reputation of the dealership to ensure you are only dealing with reputable businesses.


This step will help you save time and still get the best possible value on your used car. You just need to drive down to the dealership, and they will take care of the rest for you.


Since the dealership is a licensed business, you don't need the sales kit to sell your vehicle to them.


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