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What to know before applying for financing in Hamilton

What to know before applying for financing in Hamilton

Trying to get car financing in Hamilton when you have poor credit can be difficult and disheartening.  It doesn’t have to be though.  You can take steps to make it easier and improve your chances of approval.


Know your credit score

First things first: know your credit score!  Before you can take steps to improve your score, you should know what it is and why.


Generally, a low score is a result of not paying bills on time or overextending your credit facilities.  Think about your spending habits and how you can get better.


Take steps to improve your score

This can start with paying down some credit cards, setting up pre-authorized payments on your utility bills so you never miss a month again, or consolidating some of your higher-interest debts into one lump sum.


Proving you’re a responsible borrower is the first thing you need to do if you want to convince someone to lend you the money for a car.


Have a reasonable budget

As exciting as buying a new (to you) car is, you must be realistic about how much you can spend on it.  Your monthly car expenses aren’t just your loan payments.  You’ll also be paying insurance, maintenance, and (probably) gas.


Factor in everything you can think of when setting up your monthly budget.  That way there won’t be any surprises down the line.


Deal with someone you trust

It’s fine to shop around online to see where you can get the best loan terms, but make sure that whoever you end up applying to is trustworthy.  A car is a big purchase to make, and you want to make sure that the lenders you deal with are legitimate and not just trying to make money off someone in a vulnerable position.


Dealerships with a long history of helping people get into the cars they need are a good place to start.  You’ll know you’re safe in their hands because they have a reputation to uphold that includes taking care of you.


Get pre-approved

When you apply for pre-approval, you’ll know what the lender is willing to give before you get your heart set on a vehicle.  This also ensures you’re not disappointed halfway through the process if you get denied.


If you’re ready to take the plunge into vehicle ownership, get pre-approved for financing in Hamilton and start browsing the selection of vehicles Car Nation Canada has to offer today.



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