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Kia Telluride concept to hit production?

Kia Telluride concept to hit production?

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Do you remember the Kia Telluride concept that was shown at the Paris Motor Show earlier this year? It also showed at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit and seemed to go down very well indeed. According to Peter Schreyer, head of Kia, the concept may be hitting production soon.

He is quoted as saying as much to Automotive News at Paris and said: “The concept has been accepted very well.” “I think it has a good chance to be developed.”

While that certainly isn’t definitive, it is a strong indicator of intent, especially coming from the company’s boss.

Kia Telluride concept
I liked the look of the Kia Telluride concept. It showed a premium SUV with three rows and a real touch of class. While the market isn’t short of full size SUVs, this was a little something different.
There are elements of the Ford Excursion and Volvo XC90 in the design but it’s all Kia. The big front end is something of a departure for the company but the tiger nose is still present and correct. There is almost a hint of Rolls Royce about the headlamps, hood and front fender too which is a nice touch.

The Telluride has high ground clearance, big alloy wheels and a real presence that would translate well out in the real world. The concept model did feature rear suicide doors but we don’t think they will make it to production as they are simply too impractical.

The interior was spacious, with two full-time rows and a third foldable row. The concept had biomonitors that monitored heart rate and other metrics and displays them on a small panel on the door. Mood lighting in the roof was also present, designed to prevent drowsiness.

The engine in the concept was a hybrid. It combined a 3.5-litre diesel V6 that generated 270 hp and an electric motor to bring total output up to 400 hp. Whether this combination would make it to market or not remains to be seen.

The other standout aspect of the Kia Telluride concept was the inclusion of 3D printed parts in the production. According to Kia, the steering wheel, dashboard and door cards were all printed. Many automakers are experimenting with 3D printing with Ford printing some parts already. This is the future of manufacturing and it is good to see it be exploited here.

I do hope the Kia Telluride concept makes it into production. Yes we have enough SUVs to last us a lifetime, but this was a little something different. I think the market always has a tolerance for unique products.

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