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Here's The 2018 Kia Stinger Super Bowl Ad

Here's The 2018 Kia Stinger Super Bowl Ad

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So the US Super Bowl is done for another year. We have seen the commercials, viewed the upcoming movie teasers, checked out the range of new cars and products all vying for out attention and we saw who that mysterious driver was with Emerson Fittipaldi in the Kia ad.


To the tune of Aerosmith’s hit ballad ‘Dream On’ the new Kia ad showed us that time travel really does exist. If you didn’t see the Super Bowl, here is the ad.



While I love the Kia Stinger, I found the commercial a little odd. It’s great to see Steven Tyler in anything, even if he doesn’t say much but how driving backwards around a track to reverse time makes you feel something is beyond my tiny brain. Does it imply Tyler doesn’t feel anything now he is older?


Whatever the actual meaning of the commercial, it showcased the Stinger nicely and will likely have won it a few new fans.


Quite why Emerson Fittipaldi is there I don’t know either but it’s always good to see him too.


2018 Kia Stinger


I have said before that not only is the Stinger good for Kia but it is also good for those of us who like sports cars. Crossovers may be taking over the world but those of us who like to sit low instead of high and hear the throaty rasp of a tuned engine, the Stinger is a breath of fresh air.


The sports hatchback is a refreshing change to the high ground clearance and upright designs we see so much of right now. The attractive design is low, low and streamlined and looks as though it is moving even when it isn’t. It is an excellent design that really works.


Inside, there is enough comfort and technology for even the most discerning buyer. Levels of comfort are good and the driving experience is superb. While throaty and always ready to go, the engine is also refined and controllable. It corners well, gets off the line with a satisfying lurch and yet can be very well behaved when you need it to be.


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