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Kia Soul EV Canada | Electric Cars Hamilton Georgetown

Kia Soul EV Canada | Electric Cars Hamilton Georgetown

Kia Soul EV Hamilton & Georgetown

The Kia Soul EV is not only Kia's first all-electric vehicle, it's also a shot in the arm of complacent automakers who thought they had the market all sewn up. It's a good looking, viable alternative-fueled car that is already gaining interest across the world.

The Kia Soul is a solid performer and a best-seller and the EV version is likely to build on that.

The shape of the Kia Soul EV is almost identical to that of its gas powered sibling with the exception of the grille. Where the Soul needs the vents to provide air, the EV doesn't, so a piece of body-colored plastic covers the grille to reduce drag.

Other than that, the signature rising waist and tapered roofline remains, as does the wedge-shaped rear end. It’s a good looking car that balances practicality with design to make a very handsome little electric vehicle.

Inside, the concentration on design and practicality continues. It's a funky cabin with a rounded dashboard, small center stack and a modern dashboard. It's a higher spec than you might expect at this price point and no expense has been wasted in terms of design, quality and materials.

It's also full of kit, including Kia UVO infotainment if you want it. UVO includes streaming audio, Pandora, vehicle diagnostics, maintenance reminders, Google Maps and integrates seamlessly with smartphones too. It's an excellent piece of technology that shoots way above its weight.

The Kia Soul EV also comes with a neat app that can monitor battery charge, range and power drain. The app also includes maps to the nearest charging stations, which will come in handy while you get used to pure electric power.

Charging from a drained battery takes 24 hours with a 120v feed or 5 with a 240v. Use a 50 kW charger however than you can have 80 percent charge in a mere 33 minutes!

Talking of electric power. Under the hood is an 81.4 kilowatt electric motor rated at 109 hp and 210 lb-ft of torque. It is served by liquid cooled lithium-ion polymer batteries under the floor. They are good for around 100 miles and will get you to 60 in under 12 seconds. A single-speed constant ratio transmission provides constant, smooth power to the front wheels.

While the motor itself is silent, the Kia Soul EV comes with a Virtual Engine Sound System, or VESS, to meet U.S. regulations.

The Kia Soul EV is a slick, innovative all-electric vehicle that has a lot on offer. Just as well given the competition. However, we think the Soul will compete on par, or better than the other EVs on the market right now, especially on price!

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