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Kia showing more of the future for their EV range

Kia showing more of the future for their EV range

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Kia and partners Hyundai have been showing off their vision of our motoring future. Their new Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS) seeks to replace one of the things human drivers seem to have such trouble with, parking straight in limited space.

The new system automates parking and will automatically charge your EV at the same time. The Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS) is made up of two parts, the parking element and the charging element and Kia thinks it’s the future.

Here’s a video:

The system is still a concept but offers a glimpse into the future as Kia and Hyundai see it. I know of many drivers who will look forward to not having to park their own car as soon as the technology becomes available!

Automated Valet Parking System
The Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS) will help the car find a vacant space or specific charging space and park itself. If charging spaces are limited, it can also move the car to a non-charging space to make way for another car should it need to. The driver can then summon the car and it will drive to their location automatically.

It’s a neat system and is obviously a way off yet but it is an intriguing look at how quickly automation and EVs can combine to make life easier for drivers.

AVPS depends on continuous communication between the driver, car, parking facility and charging station. It will require the introduction of Level 4 autonomous vehicles, some kind of universal standard for parking lots and smartphones with GPS good enough to reduce the element of error it has right now. All these things are still 20-30 years off but the concept is interesting nonetheless.

Kia hopes to begin selling autonomous vehicles in 2021 with a full rollout between then and 2030. Electrification is well under way with most models having an EV or hybrid variant or has one planned for imminent release. If any manufacturer can pull of this kind of advanced concept it is Kia so I shall be keeping an eye on this story over the coming decade or two.

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