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Kia R.E.A.D. system and V-Touch coming to a car near you soon

Kia R.E.A.D. system and V-Touch coming to a car near you soon

Kia has been a little quiet on the new car front lately but that doesn’t mean they are standing still. Far from it as there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Two exciting developments have been in car technology. Namely, the R.E.A.D. system and V-Touch.

These two technologies offer more than the usual and are actually something I would be very excited to try!

Kia R.E.A.D. system

The Kia Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving, R.E.A.D. system, is a mood sensing AI that we first saw at last year’s Consumer Electrics Show (CES). Back then it was part of a future car concept that was fully autonomous and didn’t look much like something that would ever appear on our road for real.

More interesting was the R.E.A.D. system. It uses sensors to check your heart rate, facial expressions and electrodermal activity. It would use this information to make subtle changes to cabin lighting, initialize music-response vibrating seats and change temperature to help improve or suit your mood.

"Kia considers the interactive cabin a focal point for future mobility, and the R.E.A.D System represents a convergence of cutting-edge vehicle control technology and AI-based emotional intelligence,” said Albert Biermann, president and head of research and development division of Hyundai Motor Group.

He added: “The system enables continuous communication between driver and vehicle through the unspoken language of feeling, thereby providing an optimal, human-sense oriented space for the driver in real-time.”

The Kia R.E.A.D. system is apparently well on the way and could be in a car near you within the next couple of years.

Kia V-Touch

Kia V-Touch is a gesture control system for cars. Using similar sensors to R.E.A.D, the system uses a 3D camera to watch for gestures that can control car functions. You can use simple gestures to control music, navigation, lighting, cabin temperature and air conditioning.

That 3D camera can also apparently monitor the driver’s eyes, presumably so we could use eye movements to control other things within the cabin. While I’m not sure about using my eyes to control the car as they are never still, gestures are something else.

Both of these technologies are destined for cars soon. Kia insiders say there are firm plans to include both the R.E.A.D. system and V-Touch to cars within a few years. Exactly when and in what models has yet to be revealed.

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