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Kia planning to gift the first six month of new car payments

Kia planning to gift the first six month of new car payments

Once Canada returns to normal and people begin buying cars again, all automakers will be coming up with ideas to help sway your buying decision. Kia probably has the best one of all. It will pay the first six instalments of a new car payment for you.

It’s not a loan. It’s not a payment deferral. Kia will actually pay the first six car payments on qualifying new models.

You will still need to qualify for finance and cover a down payment but you won’t actually have to pay anything until month 7. That’s quite the payment holiday and comes with no catches or caveats that we can see except the qualifying car model limitation and a ceiling for payments.

Those models are all 2020 models of the Kia Forte, Forte 5, Soul, Sportage and Sorento.

The ceiling for payments is $4,500. For most of those qualifying models, that’s the full six months of payments. For the highest spec Sportage and Sorento, that would mean at least four, perhaps five payments depending on the deal you get.

What’s more, Kia has hinted that this offer can be combined with other existing offers from the automaker. So if you find a 0% interest deal, frontline worker discount or something else, you can have this deal too!

Getting the market started

All automakers are going to be offering some sweeteners to try to get the auto market back up and running again. Sales have obviously been much reduced and there is a lot of inventory sitting around and 2021 models waiting to be released. That means some excellent discounts or upgrades will be available as soon as life begins returning to normal again.

Considering how good Kia’s pricing is compared to other automakers, this is a sweet offer. It is designed to kickstart the auto market when life returns and to help shift inventory ready for new models.

The Kia Forte, Forte 5, Soul, Sportage and Sorento are all popular models that sell well anyway. This offer is sure to encourage a few more customers to at least test drive a new Kia and see just how good they really are.

Kia won’t be the only automaker offering such deals. I imagine all manufacturers will be trying to come up with ideas to help restart the market. However, it is difficult to imagine them coming up with a deal better than this!

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