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Kia launching new performance car at Detroit

Kia launching new performance car at Detroit

​Kia seem to be hinting that they may be releasing a new performance car at next year’s 2017 Detroit Motor Show. A new video and microsite with a countdown timer to the show hints at the new Kia but does nothing more.

Speculation is that it will be the Kia GT or something close to it. It is early days yet with over a month to go to the show, so Kia are playing their cards very close to their chest right now. The only actual information we have is a teaser video of a car going round the Nürburgring and hitting 241 kph.
Here's the video.

As you can see, the video doesn’t give much away aside from that shot of the instruments and the tyres. 
What the video does do is provide us with the impression of speed and performance. 241 kph is around 151 mph, which is faster than most Kia cars can go. Add to that the engine note, low profile tyres in the shot and a sports instrument panel and you have a collection of impressions that point us towards a definite performance car.
Add to that the Nürburgring setting and the quote from the website and everything points towards some kind of fast coupe or sedan.
“The curve ahead is all about potential. The potential to clip every apex, and consume every straight. To take on each twist and turn with agility, speed, and progressive design.”
While the popular belief is that it will be a Kia GT, there is no confirmation of that. Kia have mooted a couple of performance cars in recent years. The Stinger for one and the GT for another. To complicate matters, the Stinger was also referred to as the GT4 Stinger so who knows what’s coming?
It is likely that this new car will use the same mechanicals as the Genesis G70, Hyundai’s new rear wheel drive car that is due next year. 
In the meantime, Kia has refined all of its models to be more refined, better equipped and higher quality than ever before. Visit Kia of Hamilton, 1885 Upper James St, Hamilton ON, L9B 1K8 to see the entire range.

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