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Kia Imagine EV caught testing in the wild

Kia Imagine EV caught testing in the wild

The Kia Imagine EV is another electric model being developed by the Korean automaker and is expected to arrive within the next year. It was an elusive car until now but the upcoming Kia has been spotted and photographed during testing in Germany.

The eagle-eyed guys at UK’s Auto Express caught the Kia Imagine EV on camera. The car is heavily camouflaged and doesn’t give much away but it is easy to see the dimensions and rough shape of the body.

Kia Imagine EV

We first saw the Kia Imagine EV at last year’s Geneva Motor Show. There is was a four door sedan with suicide doors. It was a properly futuristic concept with high ride height, startling wheels, modernist interior and 21 cascading dashboard screens to name a few of the many innovations it showcased.

That concept was shown as a halo car, designed with performance in mind. The concept was imagined with a performance electric motor and enough batteries for up to 500 miles of range.

Kia said at the time that a production model would be based on the concept and the Kia Imagine EV is supposed to be it.

Kia’s chief designer at the time of the show, Luc Donkerwolke, said “I don’t see anything that’s really not feasible. There are some cost-related issues that have to be validated – but it hasn’t been done by designers who don’t understand how to build a car for production.

“The Imagine by Kia concept is not a free exercise. It’s not just a last-minute car for Geneva. It has a purpose. This is more business than show. We are definitely not entertaining here, but actually communicating with our customers.”

Concept to reality

The test car in the image does have a very similar shape and dimensions to the concept. There is also a higher than usual ride height for a car, although the wheels are much more realistic in this version!

The rear looks different where what looks like a trunk spoiler sticks out of the camouflage. What exactly this is will be up for debate.

Kia are partnering with electric specialists Rimac to deliver high performance motors and batteries and have fast charging capability. Kia mentioned a ’20 minute recharge time’ in discussions but whether that’s realistic or not yet remains to be seen.

All we know right now is that the test car does look like the concept and the concept looked awesome. If the production car looks even remotely like that concept, Kia are going to have a hit on their hands!

Image credit: Auto Express

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