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Check out the All-New Kia EV9 Concept

Check out the All-New Kia EV9 Concept

There haven’t been that many truly new cars over the past couple of years, which is understandable. The attention that is given to every new announcement is also understandable, like with the Kia Concept EV9.


Kia announced the new model last week and gave us some preview shots to whet our appetite.


The images don’t tell us a great deal about the Kia Concept EV9 except that it’s going to be a large SUV with an angular shape. Some would say boxy.


Kia Concept EV9


The official preview of the Kia Concept EV9 happened on 11 November and was accompanied by a press release from Kia.


(Seoul) November 11, 2021 – Kia today revealed the first official images of the Kia Concept EV9, an all-electric SUV concept that embodies the company’s commitment to become a sustainable mobility solutions provider.


Following the launch of EV6, the Kia Concept EV9 is an intriguing glimpse into the future direction of the all-electric SUV, combining progressive design, state-of-the-art tech, and an advanced all-electric powertrain in one pioneering package.


The first visuals of the concept SUV show an ultramodern exterior design, the schematics of which hint at a contemporary recreational treatment that’s brought to the fore by an upright and capable stylistic stance.


The renderings illustrate a highly conceptual cabin that has been honed to give the driver and passengers a light, flexible and adaptive interior space as the experience of the journey evolves. A stunning interactive ultra-wide display and a radical new take on the traditional steering wheel are just two of the standout interior features.


The Kia Concept EV9 preview images have been revealed ahead of AutoMobility LA, which starts next week. Kia will unveil its all-new electrifying take on the SUV form at 11:15 a.m. (PST) on November 17 at the LA Convention Center.”


As you can see, aside from the needlessly flowery language, the release doesn’t tell us a great deal aside from the unveiling that happens on Wednesday.


Electric SUV


We see the Kia Concept EV9 as an electric alternative to the Telluride. While you cannot tell for sure, the size of the vehicle in the images looks to be around the same size and have as much seating.


We’re more intrigued by the ‘adaptive and smart lounge space’. Whether it will be truly smart and adapt to us or whether it will be standard interior elements on sliders or with adjustable settings.


We are genuinely looking forward to this new reveal. It seems like an age since Kia released an all-new model and it’s about time we began seeing something new on our roads.


All eyes on LA on 17 November then!


You can see the current range of Kia vehicles at Grimsby Kia, 435 South Service Road Grimsby, ON L3M 4E8.


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