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Kia changing brand and more

Kia changing brand and more

We mentioned on Monday that Kia had announced a brand change and a new logo to differentiate themselves from Hyundai. We now have more information on that.

Last week, Kia announced a new logo, the dropping of ‘Motors’ from their name and some new vehicles for their lineup. All designed to shake up the brand and give it a fresh new look.

New brand

The new logo had done its time and was due a refresh. The new logo is more vibrant and more youthful than before and is definitely different. It’s younger and more appealing in a curious kind of way.

The dropping of ‘Motors’ from Kia Motors won’t make a different to anybody as far as we know.

New models

The announcement of new models was of much more interest. We know about the name change for the Sedona into the Carnival, but what else is in store?

Kia announced a $25 billion investment globally and seven new EVs, nicknamed EV1 to EV9. No details were shared on what these vehicles are or will be.

The stage did feature some hidden vehicles. All had a crossover shape so we don’t expect to see an electric Stinger anytime soon. More’s the pity!

Kia’s design chief, Karim Habib did give a clue as to what to expect. He said to expect “a fun and practical commuter” car, “a powerful and dynamic crossover,” “a strong and bold SUV,” an “agile and dynamic machine,” and a long and elegant sedan.”

A full announcement of these new models wouldn’t happen until 2022 so we have a while to wait yet.

Habib also said the tiger nose will remain for the foreseeable future but designs will be changing significantly. Kia is adopting a more ‘expressive’ and ‘emotional’ design language in designs going forward, whatever that means.

“It is part of the heritage we are proud of and it allows for a lot of flexibility. It is important for each product to get its owner character,” said Habib, adding, “You will see it in different shapes and forms.”


The announcement also brought us another new moniker, the PBV, Purpose-Built Vehicle. These are vehicles designed for a specific purpose like commercial vehicles, ride-sharing vehicles, logistic vehicles and others.

Just what form these will take is up in the air but it’s yet another term to remember for the future.

We are intrigued as to what Kia will look like in a few years’ time. The automaker’s journey has been an upward one with significant changes that have benefitted the brand and its customers every time. We expect this change to be just as beneficial.

The logo may have changed but the rest of the transformation will be more gradual. Expect to see new models at Georgetown Kia over the coming years.

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