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Kia and the road to the future of driving

Kia and the road to the future of driving


cars are coming and soon, but we don't know as much about them as we might
like. How are they going to connect? What are they going to connect to? What
will these connections offer us and what will they cost us? Like many aspects
of our lives, auto technology is moving forward fast, but is all this
innovation going to give us anything truly useful?

The Kia Chief
Technical Officer
Henry Bzeih has a few ideas about what a
connected car should do and what it should offer. If you're interested in how
the development of this technology is going and what it may offer, this interview
with him
is worth a read.

Bzeih has
some good ideas and some interesting perspectives on what a connected car
should and will offer. Here is just a small takeaway of what he said.

On the
subject of what content a car should offer, he first addressed a core issue
about having content available in a car. Mainly that of distracted driving and
safety. It's all very well making information and downloadable content
available, but how do you stop all this stuff distracting you from driving

His answer?
To automate many actions within the car to protect the driver, passengers and
other road users. It's an interesting point and one that many interviews around
connected cars don't talk about. If you're in the driving seat checking
Facebook, who's driving and looking out for hazards?

interesting point Bzeih made was about how making buying decisions has changed
over the past decade or so. We have noticed it too and not all automakers have
awoken to this change.

decisions are now being more technology led than before. It used to be down to
design, quality, reliability or a recognizable brand. Familiarity still plays a
part and so does whether a brand is regarded as domestic or not. But this
increased interest in technology now plays a bigger part than ever before.

On the
subject of technology, a final interesting point was about managing the cost of
this technology. Bzeih says that automakers can't always afford to include the
latest or most innovative technology because the price of cars and single digit
margins don't allow the cost to be absorbed. Often, the technology has to mature
and come down in price before it is included in a car.

surprised us too. We're used to seeing new technologies in cars but had no idea
that the majority of automakers had to wait before they were affordable. The
challenge of keeping a vehicle affordable over loading it with the latest
technology is obviously a tough one.

If you're
interested in where cars are going, this interview is a good one. It raises
some interesting points. Not just for Kia but for automakers and the industry
at large. We think it's worth a read.

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