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Avoid these Mistakes when Selling a Car

Avoid these Mistakes when Selling a Car

If you want, or need, to sell your car, getting the highest value possible is essential. Some mistakes people make when selling cars reduce that value while others reduce the chances of a sale altogether.


Here are some common mistakes people make when selling a car. Whether you’re selling privately or selling your car to a dealership, try not to make the same mistakes.


Not knowing the true value of your car


Not knowing the true value of your car means you can get lowballed if selling privately and don’t know if you’re getting a good price or not when selling by other means.


Get an approximate value for your car before listing it or getting it appraised. We always recommend checking Carfax, Kelley Blue Book, Auto Trader, eBay, Craigslist and Kijiji.


Get an idea of value using each of these and use the average as your benchmark.


Spending on repairs before you sell


Some repairs you absolutely should make before selling the car, others, you shouldn’t.


Anything that impacts the roadworthiness of the car or could cause someone to not buy it, needs fixing. Other repairs, may not need doing.


If you can make minor repairs yourself at minimal cost, do them. If they are going to cost money, think carefully about whether the repair will add value or add salability.


Being bullied by buyers


Some buyers like a bargain while others will do everything they can to drive you down hard in price. Some haggling is actually fun and can be an enjoyable experience.


Being beaten down in price by a bully is not.


Have your price in mind. Know how much you’ll accept before you list your car and stick to your guns. Don’t let yourself be bullied and be prepared to walk away if you come across it.


You can always sell your car to a dealership instead. We’ll treat you with the respect you deserve!


Not having the title


If you had a car loan secured on the car, the lender probably held the title until it was paid off. If you have settled the loan, it can take time for the lender to settle the loan and the paperwork and return the title to you.


Make sure you have the title and keep it safe for when you plan to sell the car. If you lose it, you’ll have to order another and that takes time!


Posting an inaccurate ad


Even a genuine, honest mistake in your car ad can leave you in hot water if you sell your car privately. Any misrepresentation, even accidental can be used against you by the buyer if they find out.


Make sure your ad is as accurate as it can be and represents your car fairly and truthfully. Honest mistakes happen but some buyers won’t care that it was a mistake. If they smell a chance to make some money, they will take it.


Of course, you can avoid many of these pitfalls by selling your car to a dealership. We pay fair and we play fair and you’ll always walk away happy!


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